Manifesto/Haiku Deck

A manifesto is something that represents you or something you like to do. Working on this project and getting to listen to my fellow classmates present their manifesto taught me a lot. Taking to mind and heart what inspired them and who was an amazing experience. With the help of Haiku Deck my manifesto was created. Haiku Deck is a site where you can make slideshow presentations. It allows you to input words or quotes as well as a picture that might go along with or resembles your words. I would encourage you to try it out.



Padlet is a rather interesting site. It appears to be a site where you can get opinions and ideas from other people. What makes it unique is you can also use it for a calendar or schedule. You can also change your background or your post board. What I thought was outstanding about Padlet was if you have a question you can post it and you can get all these replies from people. However, you also can gather information on it.

Passion Proposal

I’ve always had a big ear for music and I would love to learn to play more instruments. So, my passion project is to learn how to play the guitar. My final goal/ product will be to learn how to switch notes without pausing in a song. The timeline for my passion project is to practice the guitar at least for 20 minutes daily. Every so often I will record my progress to see if I have increased on playing. My deadline is around mid-November. The easy part about this project is learning the notes and strumming to the beat. The difficult part of this project is switching at the right time without losing beat.

Recorded Progress: As of 10-5-14 I have down three main cords. Now I just have to work on switching at the right time.

10-15-14: I am still working on switching at the right time. It is the most difficult part of this whole project to learn, but I am getting closer.

Blogging Sites

Pinterest is a pretty cool blogging site to look at. It helped me a lot with my passion project. You can search your hobbies or something you might be interested in. Delicious is only useful if you want to save an article.To me it was kind of like googling something. It’s an interesting site, but I didn’t really like it that much. Feedly had a lot of different categories to choose from like Pinterest. It was very useful as well. All the sites came to be useful in a way, but Pinterest was the most helpful to me. It just really depends on what you’re doing. Pinterest and Feedly are more of a research site. Delicious was more of a site to me that you would use to find out something.

Googling Your Name Klaryce Edwards 9-19-14

What did I find? Well I didn’t really find anything besides the site to my blogging page. In a way that could be a good thing, but not having anything at all makes it harder for college administrators, scholarship grantors etc. to find out somethings about you. What did I not find? I didn’t find anything bad but then again I didn’t find anything at all.

I would want college administrators, scholarship grantors etc. to find good facts and post about me. I’d hope there was nothing negative that would prohibit me from being able to do something or joining something.

What I would do to keep all the negative that might show up on the web about you off. First, I wouldn’t post anything that I wouldn’t say to my parents. Second, I wouldn’t post any pictures that would offend people. Third, I wouldn’t use profanity. Profanity is probably one of the worst things to do to me on social media. Why? Some people may tell you profanity isn’t a bad thing. Well, they lied to you using profanity causes people to judge you in a bad way especially when applying for a job. Most businesses will not tolerate it, so don’t use it.

BIO Klaryce Edwards 9-9-10

I am currently in high school. My hobbies are hunting, rodeo, and racing. I play softball and basketball outside of school. I am pretty much an open book and I am a very straightforward person. I am in a Digital Communications class. We are learning how to blog. Instead of just blogging about assignments every now and then I might blog about some of my interest. Although, I’m not a big fan of blogging I think learning how to operate and create blogs could be useful in my near future.

Adora Svitak Reflection Klaryce Edwards 8-28-14

The Adora Svitak Reflection video talked about how parents/ adults underestimate kids. They don’t listen to what they have to say or pay attention to our imagination.

Her presentation made me think about what she talked about and if it was true. Now that it has been brought to my attention, I have noticed that she made a valid point.

I don’t think they should tell kids that their creativity is worthless just because someone told them that or it didn’t work out for them. I believe that children begin to lose their creativity when they are around the second grade.

Yes I think adults will pay more attention to kids because it has been brought to their attention.

Her presentation was organized, she knew what she wanted to talk about and how long she was going to take.

I think that my presentation was poor. I didn’t have it planned out and didn’t know what exactly to talk about. I would like to be more planned and organized when I am presenting.

A lot of kids don’t like talking in front of the class, I know I don’t. But the value I think does override the discomfort. I believe that kids think teaching other kids is not going to do anything, but what they don’t see is its easier for a young person to learn from someone their age. Why? The fact that they are close in age makes it easier for them to comprehend better because they have the same mind set.